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Frogmore Cottage, Archie, and the Absence of Images

Most of us have never met Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump, or Meghan Markle in person.

These people play roles in our lives and in our consciousnesses, for good and for bad, but we know them only through still photo and video images.

Images are something we have in common, whether they are joyful or horrifying. They're the building blocks of our shared culture.

So for two people so obsessed with building cultural influence and fame, why are the Duke and Duchess Sussexes so stingy with personal photos?

In particular, why are they so unwilling to share photos of their official home at Frogmore Cottage or their son, Archificial?

You can't see us Yesterday we were informed that former US first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had visited the Sussexes at Frogmore Cottage. No photos were released of the event.

Ellen DeGeneres also supposedly visited the couple at Frogmore Cottage and fed their son, Archificial. No photos were released of the event - even on El…
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California Nightmare: On the Sussexes' upcoming "six week break"

When you get married, you don't always know exactly what you're getting; when you marry a celebrity that's even more true, since most famous people are adept at creating a persona for the cameras that is quite unlike the human they are in real life.

Linda McCartney married Paul McCartney shortly before the breakup of the Beatles, upon which time Paul took his young family and retreated to a rural area of Scotland to nurse his grievences with alcohol.

"I married a famous rock star and then I found myself in an isolated cabin with an angry drunk," Linda reportedly said.
Meghan Markle married a famous prince who is increasingly resembling an angry drunk. 
But they're not going to Scotland - they're going to California. 
The documentary they would have enjoyed Even Meghan's fans would have to acknowledge that she has never really fit in in the UK; her non-fans might argue that she didn't really try.  
A truly "whip-smart" woman, as Meg supp…

Open post: Remembrance Day Ceremonies

The Royal Family will be arriving shortly for the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall.

On Sunday, the Queen and several other women from the Royal Family will watch from the balcony of Foreign and Commonwealth Office as Prince Charles lays a wreath at the Centotaph to honor the British war dead.

This open post is a place to (respectfully) discuss both events.

Archie the Invisible Wonder Baby: Thoughts on the Sussexes and their rarely-seen infant

There is nothing stranger in the Sussex story than that of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who supposedly reached the age of six months on November 6.

On precisely that day, the Duchess of Sussex took the opportunity to inform military families she was greeting that Archie was already crawling and had two teeth
It is, indeed, possible for a six-month-old to have two teeth. And it is technically possible for a six-month-old to be crawling, although that is usually a seven-to-twelve month milestone. But the intersection of both suggests that Archie is a bit older than advertised. No photos, please That's not news, of course: supposedly born May 6, Archie appeared much older than 2 months at his baptism on July 6. 
He appeared to have the size and neck muscle control of a 4 month old baby when carried by Meghan at a polo match a few days later.
Perhaps mindful of the criticism - the Daily Mail repeatedly referred to the child as "two month old Archie" in both headlin…

Big Girls Don't Cry: Meghan Markle and Free Speech

Earlier this week the Nordic Council Literature prizes were given out in Sweden, and in the audience was Mette Frederiksen, the new prime minister of Denmark.

Mette is almost the same age as Meghan Markle - she is 41 - and she's accomplished a fair amount in her lifetime, most of it without draping herself over a man. Now she's the head of (small) country, in charge of its finances, its educational system, and its military.

When you're in the spotlight like that, not everyone is your fan.

In fact, the winner of the Nordic Council Literature prize was not Mette's fan.

"You are the head of a racist government of a racist country," Jonas Eika, a 28-year-old Danish writer, said in his speech to the woman sitting right in front of him. "You claim to care about children, but you tear families apart. You claim to be left wing, but your policies are no better than the policies of the right wing."

Was Mette pleased? Probably not. She didn't applaud when …

A list of people who have expressed support for Duchess Meghan

Here, in no particular order, is a list of celebrities who have come out in support of the Duchess of Sussex and/or claimed the British media was "bullying" her.

Many have some connection to Sara Latham, the Duchess' PR lady of the moment, or to Sunshine Sachs, her high-end PR agency. A few, like Jameela Jamil, are low-level celebrities that seemed to think linking themselves to Meghan was a good way to increase their own visibility.

Am I missing any names?

In general, the top-down arrogance of this list is impressive. Someone clearly believes that having these people speak on Meghan's behalf will move the needle for her with the public.

One has to wonder, however, why this particular public figure requires so much defending.

Prince Harry

The Archbishop of Canterbury

Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

72 female members of Parliament, lead by low-profile Labor MP Holly Lynch

Ellen DeGeneres

Oprah Winfrey

Gayle King

Katie Couric

Elton John

Beyoncé and Jay-Z


A quick thought: Meg, Harry, and the California fires

California is facing a particularly vicious wildfire season this year, with thousands of acres burned and many parts of the state without electricity.

More than 50,000 people have been forced to leave their homes, including superstar basketball player LeBron James, who drove around and around with his family in his car, looking for a safe place to stay.

The area affected by one of the major fires, the Getty fire, is precisely where Meghan and Harry hope to move. Bel Air, where they were supposedly looking homes, is currently within a mandatory evacuation area.

How would Royal security handle this? Fast forward six weeks ahead, or even six months ahead. How would Royal security handle a mandatory evacuation?
The RaSP section of the Metropolitan Police Force is in charge with protecting the Royal Family as well as Parliamentarians or Diplomats.
It's hard enough to protect Royals when you have a limited area (their living area in London) to control, or a limited time in another area …